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Essential Features of Online Food Ordering Store

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Online food services are making huge profits across the globe. While people wait for hours together in traffics and travel a lot just for the sake of eating foods that they desire in various restaurants. These online food ordering stores pave a platform for their customers to sit at home or wherever they are and delivery whatever food that they want.

Search Engine

May sound as a very common word but, is a very essential one. Search engines optimize and lessen up the times spent by the users in searching for restaurants. Not only that but also, it helps those customers who have a vague idea of what to eat yet do not know where to eat.


The filtering of the searches will help a lot when a person is searching for food outlets in a large area. It will cut down to their locality’s restaurants and it’s nearby ones. You can also provide filters for various purposes like, whether they want Italian food, Chinese or Burma foods, Vegetarian foods and much, much more.

GPS Tracking

This feature is an extremely added advantage as well as an attractive one to your app. Add a GPS tracking to first detect your user’s current location followed by the place where they want to buy food from.

User-Friendly Dashboard

A simplified process of ordering food is always the best one and comfortable too. The experts should focus on the user-friendly dashboard and also it should be implemented in a reliable manner. It should be an attractive one in both the terms of look and the realistic feel. One should be aware that the dashboard can save details such as the history of orders, restaurant menu including the delivery address. Automatically it reduces the complications and enhances the user experience.

A Unique Code Referral System

The customer experience is the best experience when a person is involved in the online business. Hence, equal opportunities should be provided in order to get engaged. The greater facility is providing of the coupon codes. In reality, the coupon codes are used to avail the discount for the overall food orders. On the other side of the flip, the system must be involved in the generation of the referral codes; where one can refer the website and also share the app with the friends. It is one of the best ways to promote the app and also offer a better situation for both sides of the parties.

Instant Immediate Notifications

In this modern era, online food ordering is enhancing at an enhancing rate. The folks can more than one food ordering apps and their Smartphone. One of the best ways is that one can create visibility and to win from a group of competitors with the aid of the option of push notifications. One can attract the customer’s attractions and also keep them engaged always.

Social Media Site Integration

Recently, there is a more contribution to the major purpose of marketing and it is a major aspect, where it improves the customer’s decision too. With the aid of the social media site integration, the folks can share the amazing pictures of their favorite dishes with their friends. Bu this way, one can also make the app a visible one in the social media and it also attracts the folks on a daily basis.