Online Ordering System

In this Modern period, everything became advance as the technology growth increases. This is evidence in the field of E-Commerce, where the product is sold through online and it will be delivered to the customers at their doorstep. Online Ordering System is a process of ordering any products like food, fashion items, clothes, grocery, Vegetable and fruits, electronic goods, house ware from local vendors through a webpage or even by an application many of these allow customers to keep accounts with them in order to make a frequent ordering. Customers can select and order according to the cost tag.

Benefits of Online Ordering System

This system is playing a major role in the society, where people can place their order whenever they want. So this is a great advantage for most of the work going people where no need to spend time in stores simply by a click they will be able to place the order. Secondly, it is not necessary to bargain with the vendors because there will be a list of option and product specified with the price so that it will be easy to choose the one needed. Another thing is the accuracy of delivering the product which is more important that each and everyone expects.

Are you looking for an amazing food ordering website? Here you are at the right place and at the same time you can experience the best quality service. It satisfies all the expectations of the customers and this website stands at its top position by offering a list of advanced features.

Branded Online Ordering

Putt Food provides a promising factor for good quality and branded food ordering services along with customer analytics. Ordering through the social media sites; there is a great increase in the online sale tremendously.

Skyrocket your restaurant sales

Online Ordering is a great platform for the restaurant to assemble their signature menus which tend to bring more attention and enhancement to the sale; it also provides unique menu items with valuable price.

Improve takeout operations

Our main target is to satisfy the customer’s expectations in delivering a quality food. This one also allows the customers to place their multiple orders.

Mobile Ordering

In order to increase our ordering facilities, we have built a mobile version of order which makes more convenient for users.

Marketing & Promotions

Attractive coupons and brochures are displayed once the customers open the website and they can even order food based on the offers.

Store Management

Our managers work ultimately on maintaining and running the store activities. This platform provides more information for the customers in an efficient manner.

Receiving Orders

With our Putt Food, we easily receive our customer’s order through email, fax, and cloud printer and even through web dashboard.

Credit Card Processing

We provide a simple and secure path for processing the transactions with limited taxes and other service charges. On the other side of the flip, we accept all major credit and debit cards.

Simple control panel

Our team has given their level best to create menu panel which is user-friendly for the user and they can also manage the whole process by just a simple click.

Custom delivery zones

We provide a free delivery service for the placed orders; nearby the zone or else additional cost will be charged if it exceeds the boundary.

Multiple order types

Putt Food provides multiple conveniences for the customers to place different types of ordering system so that it can be accessed at any time without any difficulties.

Insightful analytics

We collect customer’s mail id, mobile number, and other details and maintain these data to convey any kind of putt food-related information. We also collect reviews which will be useful to improve or modify.

Customized rewards

We increase our customer’s frequency and profitability by offering some beneficial rewards like adding bonus point that they deserve.

Flexible settings

Users can gain award points based on the money they spend; this can be used on their next visit. Points are not only for the food item they have but also for promoting the menus in social media.

Your design your way

Each customer can customize their account by changing the profile picture, name, adding friends and changing colors of the menu bar, toolbar, and panel.

User-friendly experience

Ordering related issues are rectified by the management team who take more care of the customer. Issues are managed very quickly in order to save the valuable time.

Group ordering

Even big orders can be taken where friends and family can enjoy their lovely time spending together. Our main aim is to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Smart printer

Forget about paper bills, Putt food provide paperless bills. Customers will get a call in a fraction of second after placing their order; the complete ordered details will be displayed.

Email notifications

Payment details will be mailed from bank side and also from the management side in order to avoid critical issues and confusion.

Point of sale

Once the food is ordered completely it will directly send to the POS and there will be no any delay in receiving your order.

Order dashboard

Notification regarding the order will be displayed to the customer through messages, calls, mail, and fax. At the same time tracing is also possible.

360° monitoring

Automated alerts will be generated to the customers about all the activities done by the management. It will remind about the validity date of bonus points so the customers can use within the period.

Flexible payments

We give the option for the customs to make the payment on their own way like cash on delivery or even through meal card where there will be no tension about the payment.

Custom charges

These charges are applicable for delivery beyond the boundary zone. Special charges are also charged only for certain permitted protocols.

Browser compatibility

Our website is designed in a way that is fully functional on all the major browsers like Internet Explorer, MAC, Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera, and UC Browser.

Fully hosted

Our 24 Hour support Service will closely monitor and backup the server for every 24 hours. Any issues regarding the website will be rectified as early as possible

User friendly

A very quick response will be given during ordering so that customers can experience fast, easy, interactive services.

Data Interoperability

Putt Food brings spatial data from multiple sources into the environment for mapping, visualizing and analyzing to easily work with the different data format.

Serious security

Ensuring the security trait is excellently delivered by putt food. Data is securely saved in a high cipher way, a guard for a password, firewall security, well-protected servers to avoid illegal access to your online ordering system.

Extensive support

Support from root to node, whatever the issue, helping hands always nearer. Any queries, you can get an immediate response from putt food.

Customer satisfaction

We have achieved ease on a customer on the hand of restaurants with e-commerce technique. User friendliness is a way of satisfaction from our side.

Industry experts

No one knows more about my industry than we do, we’re well worse in playing with e-commerce, not only cooking, we’re also fancier.

Free Facebook ordering

Marketing in Facebook is instead of likes we are aiming to get orders by posting lip-smacking recipe’s post. All you need is order it from Facebook for nil cost.

Direct deposit to business

Using the default deposit payment account, Putt Food has a tendency to collect money straight from the consumer at the time of buy.

Optimized for all screens

Our website is not only for large pixels of screens, it is well optimized for all the screen resolutions.

Add widget to current website

Attach our seamless widget to online ordering food to get more orders from plenty of customers.

Use as standalone website

If you want your site to be the one most viewed one, just follow three things, neat template, attach logo, simple menu, attractive colors and the concise information.

Automated Emails

An automated email does the work of managing all type of customers. Rewards allotted regular customers, for new customer inquiry experience etc.

Push notifications

To intimate special deals to explore more orders from the side of the customer, here are the best options just push notification.


Our Putt Food focuses on customers’ priority and it automatically adapts the mindset of customers, ready to suggest the combo items.

Item imagery

High-resolution attractive images improve the appearance and elegant up putt food menu. Easy to upload images and enhance menu at first site.

Easy repeat ordering

The same food we need to order, it is easy in putt food, and here few clicks save the food on file quit the long payment process and book as soon as possible.

Delivery settings

Make a concise note of the place, fees, and estimating time, so tracking and delivery work are perfectly done. Collecting information is securely maintained by putt food.

Customs taxes/fees

Customs taxes are essential requirements for compliance with laws, packaging fees are included, and you can set convenience amount.

Custom styling

by using unique styles and colors, and look and feel of the menu will be better and at first sight, people can feel the clear view, the custom setting is achieved by CSS for flexibility and control

Custom checkout fields

These fields for collect information from customers, at the time of checkout few details, are main that also reviewed for customization.

Connect with other services

We provide the combination to third vendor platforms. So you can authorize other systems; instead of using the only available resource like email marketing, driver tracking etc.

Engineered for stability and performance

Our customers believe the amount they are transacting with us. For that highly preferred Amazon, Microsoft Azure cloud platforms used to achieve the best performance.

Secure and PCI compliant

Data security is maintained by 256-bit SSL for information at checkout, as well as the payment system is under-covered by level 1 PCI compliant.

Fraud prevention

To avoid fraudulent verify credit card holders information by using AVS and CVV validation. Further reductions of chargeback use this website and feel the chargeback-free process.

Handle busy periods

Build cut-off time for prior orders that help to dishes for preparation and pickup or delivery. Temporarily stops online ordering when you become busy in the store.

Office catering

Online ordering is suitable for office lunch orders .the function is orders collected from all persons and one person can enter the orders to the website.

Mobile friendly

Customers can order from anywhere using the handy mobile device, that maybe iPhone or android else blackberry so managing the ordering system via mobile is available here.

Expand your reach

To reach more customers keep updating of website and online ordering facility helps, online is a place where conveniently place orders on site, that’s why it attracts more people

Self-hosting option

We’re analyzing a variety of open source applications for web hosting that is known as self-hosting, in this putt food tie up with other sources that help in wide.

Improved PayPal and stripe checkout

The PayPal is used for processing payments and stripe for payment, Both Stripe and PayPal take security seriously. So payment with these two makes surety.

Custom POS integration

Putt food is merged with some of the industry’s popular POS systems. It makes your online food ordering system work consistently.

White label

White label enables digital presence for restaurants with well designed full service to all systems like Smartphone, website, and flexible to all the customers.

Up in the Cloud with AWS

Food ordering online is a digital work that is done through the webpage. So the effective way of ordering functions through the cloud with AWS to keep the accounts with them for frequent orders.

100% customizable

Unique website design and SEO optimized platform and customization according to the local demands. Putt food has complete flexibility to update their menu or product.

SEO capable

SEO is proven the technology and it is the most cost-effective form of marketing today. Real SEO is capable of what guarantees your business growth and positive ROI.


The built-in language studio shows the application in a user-specific language that covers English, and other most familiar languages depending on the domain.

Order’s history

Customer’s previous orders are automatically saved. Easy navigation of marking their favorite food option is available. You can get an order in a single click.

Online ordering for pickup

Skip the line allows people to book the order through the system. It makes the purchase faster and bulk orders placed within seconds

Online ordering for local delivery

Delivery is a vast selection of local restaurant and the collective menus and fast easy online delivery service.

Minimum order verification

We can verify the items before the transaction of money. Modification in putt food is easily achievable. Metadata about the order is also displayed

In-house (in place) ordering (directly on the table)

You can internally manage putt food as an alternative to using a third-party site. So it is a great way to expose your business to new ones. The tracks are monitored in “In-house ordering.”

Ordering IOS app

For covering huge users multi-operating support is needed, ordering from IOS devices is enabled for user convenience.

Cloud printers

Print your orders through cloud printers avoids inconvenience .it is done through wire or wireless, the cloud-ready printer supports your printing job.

Fax notifications

Real-time alerts received from fax notifications, this is also an alternative way for cloud printer.

Delivery search by Address

Here, the delivery driver can search the customer’s location with the aid of address.

Delivery search by Neighborhood Area

Here, the delivery driver can search the customer’s location with the aid of Neighborhood area.

Specify Comments on Order

The customers have all the rights to express their reviews and ratings in the respective section.

Combo Order Possibility

We provide the option of combo order so that the customers will be happy and satisfied.

Automatic discounts

The discounts will be provided for the privileged and regular customers each and every time automatically.

Filter product by category

This feature allows the customers to filter the product by category, attributes, product tags, product custom taxonomies price to make quick process.

Edit

This allows the customers to make any changes in their cart which includes adding or deleting the items in the cart.

Delivery fee on cart

Once the item is added to the cart; overall summation including the delivery fee will be displayed in the cart.

Add to cart button

Cart button will be displayed on each item so that the customers can add their favorite items to the cart to place the order.

Tax on cart

Taxes will be added to special publication and ordered products at the stage of adding it to the cart.

Product options

Adding a list of customer’s favorite items is also available in this feature so that multiple dishes can be added and saved in the cart.

Minimum order information

This allows the shoppers from checking out until the cart total reached the minimum amount. This will display in the form of pop message for easy access.

Cart automatic total

Once the dish is added to cart; it will automatically sum up all the additional charges and displays the overall total.

User address for verification

Once the order is placed it will ask for user address to send information regarding bill and order statement. To verify the given address it will automatically send a verification code.

Accept or Reject Orders

There are times when customers order for a special item in huge volume at the low rate, at that time accepting or rejecting depends upon the admin.

% discount

Special discounts are offered for the regular customer during festival seasons, new year and other events.
Discount will be offered for working people so that they can enjoy the food at low cost.

Multiple orders status

This will display the complete status of one or more packages of customers that have dispatched from the Putt Food.

Max coupon use

A warning message will be sent to the customer when they try to use the coupon for an appropriate purchase.

Delete coupons

Once the food is ordered, the customer has the choice of adding or deleting the coupon for that purchase and it can be used for later one.

Estimated pickup time

Special orders like in-house which is most important to deliver the food at estimated time so that it will not allow the customers to stay


Description of the ingredients is fully mentioned below every menu which will be useful for the customers to know more about the dish.

No price product

No overhead cost is added to the items only fixed price that includes rent and variable costs like shipping and store fee.

Drivers GPS tracking URL

The drivers can be tracked easily with the help of GPS and their location can be found out easily.

Real-time orders tracking

The orders can be easily tracked in real-time and both the admin; customers have the privileged rights to track it.

Multi-delivery zone dashboard

The customer can order from any zone through any platforms and the delivery can be done in a shorter period.

Create / Edit/ Delete Super Administrator

The Super Administrator has all the rights to create, edit and delete the orders according to the availability of food and staffs.

Create / Edit/ Delete Business Administrator

The Business Administrator has all the rights to create, edit and delete the orders according to the availability of food and staffs.

Enable/Disable User

Only the authenticated users will be enabled to sue the site and the others will be disabled automatically.

Export User

Only the authenticated users will be enabled to sue the site and the others will be disabled automatically.

Change Time format

The administrator has the all the powers to change the time format while the customers can only view it.

Distance in Kms or Miles?

With the aid of the feature, you can mention the exact distance of your house either in Ms or Miles.

Default Site Currency

Here, the currency option is made default one which will be more convenient for their customers for a reliable transaction.